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Hi all,

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  • Hello Amin
    I checked those bot and tested examples with the Martingale strategy it went till 10 loses in a row.
    I checked other bots too they failed after 5 hours of trading.
    What about to create a bot with logic 1 CALL,1 PUT thats the best way to be consistent profitable, not so huge amount profit but profit in longterm.I tried but I failed to make that kind of logic and to relate it with martingale :/

  • Here you can find the desired strategy.

  • Amin, I have an idea to improve the PUT CALL strategy, not simply turn to open transaction
    For example, the bot opens CALL transaction after 3 ticks go up and bot opens PUT transaction after 3 ticks go down

  • Sounds good, you can use the direction check block inside the tick analysis tools to count the ups and downs.

  • Amin, you can show an example of how it will look or show XML file?

  • Anyone how to make bot to enter the trade when the new candle opens?

  • I tried but nothing new there just old examples :/

  • Yes, we're working hard to make the user interface more usable and fix bugs. We'll look into adding more examples in future.
    Could you please add your questions and requests as a github issue here, so we can keep track of things more easily?

  • Amin, please add the RSI indicator at the

  • edited December 2016

    @ekozhin Sure. Could you please add a github issue for it? You can do it here

  • Hello @Amin Marashi
    How can I fix this TOKEN INVALID that is appearing to my pc now ?
    I did tests in different bots and now it is happening all the time INVALID TOKEN :/
    How to fix this?

  • @dritonbytyqi Let's use our github issues to keep track of desired features, questions and bugs.
    Could you please create a new issue with detailed information about the bug?
    Also could you please try to logout and log in again to see if it solves the problem?

  • THank you @Amin Marashi I cleared my browser data resset setting resset modem and pc now it is working again .
    Add that RSI indicator cause I had an ide that ekozhin want to implement :)

  • Amin, I want to make the strategy at the crossing of SMA 14 and SMA 21, only when they crossing, the robot would open transaction
    Written by algorithm, but the transaction is not open
    The robot does not work the condition of equality

  • Can anyone help me with the issue in bot which is ,when I'm defining my contract i need it to be both + and - options as i mentioned in this picture
    so can anyone help me to define this touch option with both + and - values.

  • You can open two robots simultaneously, with parallel work together, with both + and - values

  • @ekozhin just for the reference, this is the answer to the sma question you posted here:

  • Yes, Amin, I have seen on github, simply duplicated here just in case. Thank you

  • OLá pessoal!
    Amin, Estou testando os bot que usam martingale e estou com problemas, percebo que após algum tempo os martingale repetidos e com erros seguidos, acabam com o ganho e com o investimento tambem
    Martingalale é interessante e necessario em um bot?
    Eutou tentando encontrar uma estrategia com maiores niveis de acertos, com investimento e ganho baixo. Um bot que queconheça a volatividade, melhor momento para abrir uma negociaçao
    Algum bot que eu possa testar aqui?

  • Hi Guys, I have done a lot of BOTs for Please describe me the strategy you have in mind and I can implement for you.
    From here you can see the installers for my BOTs and some movies showing how they work:

    Email me at: [email protected]

    Thank you,

  • Allesandro, your bot lost entire deposit, and do not offer traders for the money to buy it, it does not cost a cent

  • January 26 edited January 26
    @ekozhin. Your answer is really superficial.

    This bot is implementing the RSI strategy which is documented in litterature all over the world. If you have lost all balance it means that you have set the wrong parameters in the wrong market conditions. So you have to blame yourself first.

    If somebody promises you something always winning with a mouse click he is scamming you.
    If such a system exists the inventor will keep it for himself otherwise it will break the entire market.

    I was thinking nobody would be so stupid to believe that...probably I am wrong.

    Last but no least, I am offering developing services and I warn everybodsy that a winning system requires proper parameters tuning.

    My job is successful if it properly implements what the trader commissioning me the job is doing. I do not want to enter in the profitability of the strategy. It is not up to me.
    I posted my bots to show the user experience of my works and you have just demonstrated it is good since the bot worked.

    If you have a really profitable bot just post it to me. I will pay for it. But you do not have indeed.
    Look at your skills before putting bad words on others.


  • @Amin Marashi said:
    Here you can find the desired strategy.

    Hello @Amin Marashi, link does not work.
    Can you help?


  • You can using ALS bot. By using this application, users can set up some markets, underlying, trade type, duration, barrier and payout / stake at each different level
    this app can download at

    Contact Details
    [email protected]
  • @Amin Marashi
    please give me an example bot to even odd? I tried several times not managed to make, if the order is odd bot will continue to order odd and never order the even, please help to boots can order odd and genal. Thank you for your help

  • Hi I can't seem to post a question. I get a invalid category id ? I'm trying to ask a question regarding the bot..

    Script says one odd then one even and when it follows this it actually provides pretty good results. Then all of a sudden the bot runs 6 or 7 evens or odds in a row and wipes me out ! How can a script do something it's not programmed to do !? Error in the script ?? Scam !!??
    Sorry been scammed a couple times already not to mention the hundreds of attempted scams in less than 2 months into binary options.. starting to loose faith.

    Why won't the bot just take one put and one call consecutively and never deviate from this sequence ?!
    Hope to get a answer to this question.
    Thanks Wayne.

  • Hi @Wayne, you can find an example of that strategy in here
    Also, you can find more examples here

    The best way to send your inquiries is to use our GitHub issues or to contact us through this email: [email protected]

    FYI, All of our codes are open source, meaning that you can read them, load them, change them as you want and even share your own version with other users.

  • please help me to make a bot like this (multitab) with bot binary

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