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How to find out the entry price of a purchase contract? Multiplication contracts.

Even in binary, buy and sell (CALL / PUT - CALLE / PUTE) I did not find a way to know the price that that buy or sell actually entered.

But, you can get around it, because in binaries I understand that the next price would be worth the price.

But for multiple contracts? API does not reveal the entry price, and after completion, the exit price? And if not, it works as for binaries, what price is it worth for the next tick?




  • Hi @alecaus I think you will find what you are after using proposal open contract call https://developers.binary.com/api/#proposal_open_contract
    It returns a lot of information about the contract including the entry_spot. Despite it saying "open" it can be used on closed contracts as well.

    barrier: "1.40848"
    barrier_count: 1
    bid_price: 15332.79
    buy_price: 9000
    contract_id: 82956348488
    contract_type: "PUT"
    currency: "USD"
    current_spot: 1.32763
    current_spot_display_value: "1.32763"
    current_spot_time: 1601873165
    date_expiry: 1590180900
    date_settlement: 1590364800
    date_start: 1589765263
    display_name: "USD/CAD"
    entry_spot: 1.40848
    entry_spot_display_value: "1.40848"
    entry_tick: 1.40848
    entry_tick_display_value: "1.40848"
    entry_tick_time: 1589765264
    exit_tick: 1.40037
    exit_tick_display_value: "1.40037"
    exit_tick_time: 1590180900
    expiry_time: 1590180900
    is_expired: 1
    is_forward_starting: 0
    is_intraday: 0
    is_path_dependent: 0
    is_settleable: 1
    is_sold: 1
    is_valid_to_cancel: 0
    is_valid_to_sell: 0
    longcode: "Win payout if USD/CAD is strictly lower than entry spot at close on 2020-05-22."
    payout: 15332.79
    profit: 6332.79
    profit_percentage: 70.36
    purchase_time: 1589765263
    sell_price: 15332.79
    sell_spot: 1.40037
    sell_spot_display_value: "1.40037"
    sell_spot_time: 1590180900
    sell_time: 1590364805
    shortcode: "PUT_FRXUSDCAD_15332.79_1589765263_1590180900_S0P_0"
    status: "won"
    transaction_ids: {buy: 165782343008, sell: 167284415268}
    underlying: "frxUSDCAD"
    validation_error: "This contract has been sold."
  • Nice Michael.. I don't know how I didn't see that .. Thank you very much!

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