JSON for contracts Rise/Fall

Hi guys.

Please can someone help me by showing me what the json structure for buy Rise/Fall (up / down) contracts via API?
I have searched previous posts but I cant find one that really helps me.
The JSON I've built so far is as follows, but I have doubts:

{ "buy": "1",
"price": "1.0547",
{ "amount": "10",
"basis": "stake",
"contract_type": "CALL",
"currency": "USD",
"duration": "10",
"duration_unit": "m",
"barrier": "" ,
"symbol": "frxEURUSD" }

Thanks in advance.


  • I think this is what your after for the parameters

    "amount": 10,
    "basis": "stake",
    "contract_type": "PUT",
    "currency": "USD",
    "duration" : 4,
    "duration_unit" : "d",
    "product_type": "basic",
    "symbol": "frxEURUSD"

    One good way to find out the parameters from the website is to use the developers tools in chrome and vew the websocket traffic , you can see the API calls being made.

  • please, colud you send me the complete json from Developer tools' log when a contract is created? My Chrome doesnt capture WS info. I dont know why. Thanks.

  • I did it. I can buy contracts now. Thanks.

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