What's the best bot you think? And why is it the best?

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Link download my bot:

I use this strategy in the link below ... I like it because it gives me a tranquility in not using Martingale until I break my account and I earn much more than I lose ... on average ... I win 5 and lose one ... When I win 5 times ... I have an average of 25 dollars of gain ... when I lose I lose an average of 10 dollars ... compensates the losses ... I ask you to analyze ... it is very simple this BOT .. . but I like it...

Bot Name: When Winning Reverses Polarity with Martingale
Time to use: Nigth / Day (All Time)
Martingale: YES
Start bet: 0.76
Max Loss: 10
Max Gain: 5
Win / lose: 5/1

(My initial bet is 0.76 because it gives the highest percentage of profit with a lower value (0.9474%), if betting 0.35 only gives 0.31 (0.8857%).

I wait you comments for you and send yours bots... Thanks...



  • hello , thx you for your bot , i tried with major pairs but didnt worked , look like it is for volatitly only

  • Thanks... Yes, this bot use only Volation 100...

    To EUR/USD i like use 10 minutes and RSI (80/20 and PUT/CALL) and Max Martingale 4 time and bet initial 0.50...

    Anybody advices others strategy? Please post here... thanks...

    Comment and improve this bot below ... thank you all...
  • Im im trying it and it seems quite good, i let it go all day, lets see if it is really good

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    I can not change purchase to fall on WATCH AND PURCHASE under if-do

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    fixed but sometimes it stop placing trade

  • I do not recommend playing with TICKS with Forex Currencies ... because it gives very little variation ... and unfortunately the loss is great ... For Forex Currencies it is better to bet 10 minutes ... Thanks...

  • it was good until it lose 7 in a row

  • Who uses Martingale knows how to use too much can lose a lot ... then the secret is to get out of the moment is with the Positive Balance ... the longer it gets more risk ...
    But you like this bot?
  • absolutly , the secret is to exit with positive balance
    only problem with martingale here on binary.com bot , and even same using desktop software is sometime it give error
    i have reported on github ...but no answer yet

    so clearly when u arrive at martingale step 4 or 5 the bot stop working killing the recovery steps..

    so for me at this point binary.com api is not stable

    i will test your rsi bots thx you

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    then on another desktop bot i got this error and my friend also (i think its same problem)

    {"echo_req":{"buy":"1","parameters":{"amount":2834.4976,"app_markup_percentage":"0","basis":"stake","contract_type":"CALL","currency":"USD","date_start":0,"duration":"7","duration_unit":"t","symbol":"WLDEUR"},"price":2834.4976,"req_id":"258"},"error":{"code":"InvalidtoBuy","message":"Minimum stake of 0.50 and maximum payout of 5,000.00"},"msg_type":"buy","req_id":"258"}

    i think the api bot is not enough stable to run on real account

    do you run your bots on real account Clademilson ?

  • Yes... my real account today have $189 ($100 of deposite and $89 winned in 10 days), but before losed $120... i recently only run 3 or 5 times for day in real account... i use this last bot... but i wait correct moment... and i winner $5 for time and exit... and after i wait 1 hour and 2 hours... (Sorry my English i am from Brazil)...
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    got that , i have a bot that have generate 800 dollars today , then it went for martingale 6 level and there where this error i posted above
    that fucked the recovery step , so there is a big bug fix to do on their API , i hope DEV will read this thread
    but yes if you do small by small chunk it should be good to go
    dont worry for your english ,my english is not best..im from france.

  • i think your bot need a martingale multiplier so we can set to recover from
    x2.2 the amount
    instead only x 2
    i have a bot that work like this (desktop) its good

  • Because of these "disconnections" I stopped betting on Forex Currencies (EUR / USD) ... I like Volation 100 because it is much easier to win ... because there is a lot of stability (more frequency of UP / DOWN / UP / DOWN) and on this bot the RSI is adjustable ...

    I'm thinking of creating a bot that would unify RSI + SMA + CMO + Stochastic + William% R to use with EUR / USD ... but I'm having "luck" in Volation 100 ...

    I advise using "SIGNAL ALERTS" app paid for bets of higher values ... Examples:


    I would ask other people to post their strategies so we can evaluate and improve them ...
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    Please ... Explain more ...

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    I advise to leave "Expected Profit" in 0.01 for better security ... and leave "Maximum Loss" at 10 dollars.

  • winned more 5 dolares..

  • thx you ,i will test :) my problem is my country is not allowed for volatility index ....
    that a problem ..

  • Oi @Clademilson tambem sou do Brasil, estou com várias estrategias, mas não sei modificar sou leigo em programação, pode me ajudar?, preciso add martingale num bot que consegui no github.

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    You have use one VPN, search about

  • i used usa sock5 but didnt worked also , do you know where is the list of allowed country ?
    thx you

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    Pode Adicionar martingale nessas 2 estrategias?

  • Pode Adicionar martingale nessas 2 estrategias?

  • Essas estrategias não são boas... Já tinha testado antes... Essa de 3 velas podem ser usadas para EUR/USD e não para Volation 100... e tem que ser 1 minuto... Mas ainda defendo o uso de Volation 100... O ganho é mais rápido...

  • All my strategy... for you download... I wait you likes...
    Include worksheet with possible losses...

    Vai ai todas as minhas estrategias... Inclusive a sua de 3 velas com Martingales...
    Inclui até uma planilha de possíveis perdas...

  • Hi, rsi_max and min have to be at 80 and 20 or stay at 50?

  • thx you Clademilson , very nice share thx you...
    RSI best setting are 70/30 or better 80/20

  • you should calculate the rsi with another a bigger timeframe

  • sometimes it miss the payout (it a binary.com bot bug)

  • i tried few and some are working good :) only problem is martingale step that have error ...and it does not recover
    but few time i made 200 dollars with 5 dollars bet (1 hour or 2 )
    so soon the API of binary.com will be ehanced/fixed this will be pretty cool :)
    all the best !

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