How to change copytrading minimum stake amount to percentage instead of amount?

Hi there, good morning.

In the call API Copy Trading: Start exists the property "max_trade_stake", that defines the maximum "amount" value used to does copytrading from another trader token, to the refered account, as example:

  "copy_start": "uw2mk7no3oktoRVVsB4Dz7TQnFgrthg",
  "max_trade_stake": 10

My question is: How can I uses a maximum "percentage" value, instead of amount, from the stake that are being copied?
Would be something like this:

  "copy_start": "uw2mk7no3oktoRVVsB4Dz7TQnFgrthg",
  "max_trade_stake": "10%"

(Just to exemplify: cause the "Copy Trading: Start", don't allows to uses string in max_trade_stake, only numeric).

I know that the use of percentage of stake from copy is possible, cause I already see and test two applications, that using the Binary/Deriv Api to copytrading without change the Registered app. Like this one app below, that I saw on the web:

**Consideration 1: **
I just want to know which "api function to call and how to use". The image is just to show that the binary/deriv api has this capable resource to markup the stake from the user token copier by percentage.

Thank you if someone can answer me asap, elucidates me or paste a piece of code of example.
I'm newbie in the community, and I hope I can contribute too. See you later.

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