buy_contract_for_multiple_accounts throws error: MultiplierNotAllowed

I want to open multiple cryBTCUSD contracts simultaniously. Opening a single contract works fine in the UI and with a buy request. The "contracts for symbol" request shows that MULTUP and MULTDOWN are allowed for cryBTCUSD. But when I execute it as buy_contract_for_multiple_accounts:

  "buy_contract_for_multiple_accounts": 1,
  "parameters": {
    "amount": 200,
    "basis": "stake",
    "contract_type": "MULTDOWN",
    "currency": "USD",
    "symbol": "cryBTCUSD",
    "multiplier": 20
  "price": 200,
  "tokens": ["my token"]

it throws the error:

error: {
    code: 'MultiplierNotAllowed',
    message: 'MULTUP and MULTDOWN are not supported.'

Is there any way to fix that? I don't see a reason to restrict buying multiple contracts of btcusd.
Thanks for your help!

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