Trading is suspended due to missing market (old) data.

Hello everyone

A few days ago I had integrated the binary api and it was working normally with my platform and the binary integration

based on this documentation

But three days ago the api has presented problems when trying to buy a contract,

First you must generate the proposal and then the purchase

But ended the sales proposal the following error

"Trading is suspended due to missing market (old) data."

I don't know why this error is generated, sometimes you buy but the error is already recurring.

I thought that it was my code that had the problem but I decided to do it with the base code that delivers binary and also presents the same error

does anyone know why it happens?

let query = {
  "proposal": 1,
  "amount": 20,
  "basis": "stake",
  "contract_type": "MULTUP",
  "currency": "USD",
  "symbol": "R_100"



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