Buy contract only if offered Payout is greater than N% (without request Proposal because delay)

Please, is there a way to pass value when sending a Buy Request so that purchase will activate only if Payout is greater than minimum passed value?
This way, we avoid the need to send Proposal Request and the added delay waiting for response to Buy Request if returned payout is enough.

In short trades (ticks), adding 1 second delay for waiting Proposal Request response may destroy the short window of trade opportunity.
Another alternative is enable Auto-purchase option on Proposal Request to immediately Buy Contract **if offered Payout is greater **than minimum N%, no need to send Buy Request again.
Another alternative is make Proposal response live for 1 second, so we can receive payout response, decide and send confirmation for proposal to activate exactly where it was requested, not 1 tick after delay.

As developer, How can I avoid loosing the trade because added delay when I need to know the Payout? (Touch/NoTouch, Higher/Lower)
Normal Users already can see updated Payout on Deriv/Binary site screen automatically and decide when trading manually.
But as Developer, we must request Proposal and wait delayed response. This is not fair. We need Auto-purchase option to avoid delay.

It is really not easy dealing with delay.
So much effort and time developing a strategy, then 1 second delay destroys all our efforts. :'(

Thanks so much for helping!

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