Forex Pairs 1 Minutes Candle

Hello traders and developers, sorry, it might sound a bit stupid for those who have been around for a while but am new, still trying to understand a lot of things here, but I want to know how to get JSON require so I can get a one minute candle for forex pairs like the USD/CAD.

Something more like the


But the above returns the tick value for the synthetic indeces volitality 50 index.

And just to add on top of that, is there a reference guide so that it will us on guide on how to use the requests, if anyone knows of such page or link, please share, I have also noticed that we keep on getting updates, is there some sort of notification system to alert us if the has been a request that is no longer supported because of the updates on the API.

Thank you in advance.


  • Hi @Kilo674 , have you looked at the API Playground

    I think what you are looking for is under API Playground on this site
    So what you have to do is choose active symbols on the drop down under the api playground, then authentic it using your Token after that send a request, then a list of all available assets can be found.

    For example USD/CAD is {"ticks":"frxUSDCAD"}.

    I hope that solves half your problem.

  • Thank you so much, I will have to check tomorrow since today the forex market is closed.

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