How to upload xml robot strategy (xml programmer) via api (

Is there a way to upload the xml strategies via developers api (xml programmer), which procedure should be performed?

Which procedure should be adopted in order to allow the strategies that were programmed via developer api



  • HI @luizchequini,
    Are you saying you have a strategy in XML for DBot or Binary Bot and you would like to upload that via our API?


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    "HI @luizchequini ,"
    "Are you saying you have an XML strategy for DBot or Binary Bot and would like to upload it via our API?"

    Yes that's right Mike.
    I have some strategies
    And I want to sell to my customers.
    But I don't want to send the strategies

    I want to create a site with links that the user clicks
    And on click send the XML inside my code

    So my client won't have my logic
    and yes to
    will have the subscription to my platform's monthly package "Without my logic"

    For this to happen I cannot leave the logic with the client, but a link that takes it to binary with everything ready

    got it Mike

  • We don't have anything that allows that. You would need to implement the strategy into a custom app that uses the API. The other option is to use Copy trades where you do the trades with your Bot and the trades are automatically done for the clients. See about copy trading here

    I hope that helps

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