You have reached the rate limit for authorize

I'm getting the following error:
You have reached the rate limit for authorize

I understand that this is due to some limit for authorizations, but what would that limit be (for real accounts)?

I have some applications, which monitor balance, open orders, and place orders ... all of them need to go through the authorize, but this, from time to time, ends up exceeding the limit ..

The question is: What is the limit, and if there is any way to circumvent that limit, or if it has to do with the Binary Token, or even the Binary account?



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    You should be able to structure your code so that you only need to authorise once for every connection.
    it would be something like
    Subscribe to balance
    and send a ping every 30 seconds to keep the connection alive.
    On that same connection you can place orders etc and will not need to reauthorise.
    I hope that helps

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