API changes - 4 new parameters for mt5_login_list response

Dear developers,

We are adding 4 new parameters to the mt5_login_list API response:
This represents the landing company that the account is opened under.

This will be “real” for real accounts and “demo” for demo accounts.

This will be “financial” for financial markets and “gaming” for synthetic markets.

This is the MT5 sub-account type: “financial”, “financial_stp”, or “swap_free”.

For example:

{ mt5_login_list: 1 }
    login_list: [{
        "balance": 10000,
        "country": "id",
        "currency": "USD",
        "display_balance": "10000.00",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "group": "demo\svg",
        "leverage": 500,
        "login": "MTD529153",
        "name": "Demo Synthetic",
+.      "landing_company_short" :   "svg" | "malta" | "maltainvest" |  "vanuatu"  | "labuan" ,
+.       "account_type":   "real" | "demo" ,
+.       "market_type":   "financial" | "gaming",
+        "sub_account_type":   "financial" | "financial_stp" | "swap_free"  ,

This update will happen between 30 Nov and 6 Dec 2020.

You will not need to make any changes to your code.

Thank you.

Team Deriv.com
[email protected]

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