Client disconnected from server API

Hi There,

My app is getting disconnected from the API after a couple of minutes and the server is not returning any error. It's important to mention that the app is authenticated and a ping msg is sent every second when disconnected. For test purposes, the app is only making the authentication and sending the ping request. Same result on every test.

Any ideas on why the app is getting disconnected, what are the reasons that make the server disconnect a client?


  • Web socket with api after 1min 30 with no activity will automatically disconnect. so you have to implement a ping logic.
    Also binary API has bugs and connections crashes from unknown reasons so you have to monitor ping pong messages and when you didnt receive any info you shall make a new connection with api.

    good luck

  • Hi @PTRSeniorArhitectDev thank you for the response.
    Though I have implemented a ping logic, I still get disconnected from the server. Maybe is some Binary.Com API issue as you mentioned. Before changes were made on the API, I didn't struggle with this. But I'm going to continue testing and re-connecting in the meantime.

  • i just launched an application in web with binary api:

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