Windows/ Mac OS/ Linux Free Bot Application

Free Binary Bot

Come to new our official new application MoneyTradeBot available for MacOs/Windows32/Windows64 and Linux

Official site:


Join to our new telegram channel:


Enjoy the video and start trading:

-Unlimited configurable number of steps
-Configurable amount ($) per step
-Configurable duration contract for each step
-Configurable duration for each step
-For duration bigger than 15 second, option for selling the contract before the expiration time
-Any available symbol in accordance with your account type and your country where are you using the application
-Multiple options for changing contract type for minimizing losing risk
-Balance protection
-Possibility to save your fit strategy and run any time you want


  • Beautiful application

    Can i add my own strategie?

  • i have become no 1 on money trade :smile:

  • Congrats armchairtaikun

    We are preparing to release WEB version to be accesible from web mobile and also from web desktop.
    Easy to play Easy to Run ultra safe.

    So stay prepared for the next big update this week.

  • ================BIG ANNOUNCEMENT=======================
    MoneyTradeBot for web and mobile version has been released today.
    You can play from Mobile Web: Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera...
    Mobile/Desktop Link ->

    Good luck and trade safe!
    MoneyTradeBot Team.

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