Unknown contract proposal

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i'm trying the deriv-api for first time
i tried the example bot it works fine

but i want to buy another contract if the first contract is loss

so i've added this

if (status === "lost") {

    const contract2 = await api.contract({
        contract_type: 'CALL',
        amount: 10,
        duration: 5,
        duration_unit: 't',
        symbol: 'frxEURJPY',
        basis: 'stake',

    const buy2 = await contract2.buy();

    await contract2.onUpdate().pipe(find(({ is_sold }) => is_sold)).toPromise();

    const { profit, status } = contract2;

    console.log(`You ${status}: ${profit.currency} ${profit.display}`);


but i get error like this

  echo_req: {
    buy: '30927f91-3623-98c1-4244-58ed4862ef16',
    price: 10,
    req_id: 12
  error: {
    code: 'InvalidContractProposal',
    message: 'Unknown contract proposal'
  msg_type: 'buy',
  req_id: 12

but when i change any of the paramas in contract it buys the contract but i don't want to change the params
what am i doin wrong here


  • @iotleasp Just double checking. It only happens when the second buy is the same contract details as the previous buy?

  • yes, i thought the 2 contract start time would be the present time which would be different from the first proposal but i get error if i change the params then i won't get any errors

  • @iotleasp Could you share your full source code here or at a pastebin service so we can reproduce the error and inspect more?

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