buy_contract_for_multiple_accounts doubts


I'm trying to make this call for two different tokens, one for my virtual account and one for my real account, but I'm failing to have a success.
In my first test, I got the error for the real:
"code":"PleaseAuthenticate","message_to_client":"Please authenticate your account to continue."
For the virtual, the buy went through.

However, if try to authenticate within the same session (both accounts) the call fail and none of the buys is executed.
What am I doing wrong?

Also, I have different currencies (USD and EUR). Can I still use this API?

Thanks for any help.


  • No If you try to trade with 2 accounts with different Currencies you will get an error message on the one that is different to the account that authenticated.
    That should not cause the message you are getting though.
    First you need to authenticate with a token that has at least trade level access. Then in the parameters of the call it self for each account you wish to buy the trade for you must have their token with trade or above level listed.

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