WebSocket connection Error.

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I'm coding a web application to communicate with binary.com. I try so hard to connect by the WebSocket but I only receive the connection is invalid. I'm already tried with ruby, python, WebSocket browser client and javascript.

What am I doing wrong?

(Screenshot removed by @Aaron)


  • I found my error. I was thinking that app_id equal to token_id. Sorry, I did not pay attention to the description to generate app_id.

    But I have a question. My project is under development and is not deployed. But I need access to the API to get deploy beta. How proceed to APP registration?

  • Hey @brenoperucchi,

    Please note that I have removed the screenshot you posted as it contained your user token, other people could use this to trade on your behalf. I highly recommend creating a new token and deleting the old one to be on the safe side.

    You may obtain access to our API on this page: https://developers.binary.com/applications/, all you'll need is the user token you've generated previously to authorise. After authorising you can fill out the form and register your application.


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    Sorry about the token in the screenshot. I deleted all created tokens as you recommended and thank you for the instruction on registration.

    Regards, Breno.

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