Robot Bot -Cesar (successful 95%)

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I created a new robot based on 1 year of testing and market analysis** Volatility Index 10,25,50,75,100** type of trade Over / Under automatically opens another insurance store successfully.Watch the video on the left with 11 stores that are successfully marked green. There are 2 stores that did not work out but an automatic robot opened 2 insurance stores on the right side that were successful and thus offset the loss and + made a profit. Robot success is 95%
At the same time, the robot can trade with 10 open windows thus increasing the number of trades that can be captured and thus having a higher number of successful trades. It can also be set on the robot from when to when to trade.
You can trade on the robot already with 14EUR profits will be smaller, of course if you increase the amount and profits will be higher.
You can also choose a strategy for only one or two successful trades per day with a profit of 100euros
If you are interested in buying a robot, contact me. After payment, I will send you a robot to your email within 24 hours.
With the robot you will get basic instructions for setting up the robot and trading strategy.
You can watch video and store listings below.
Video +rating :

Now action price :190EUR (250eur)

Contact: [email protected]

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