Cannot open positions using token

Hi, I am having some difficulties in open positions using python api.
I open connection using the URL of the app I registered, use the token to AUTHORIZE, but when I sent a proposal I reveive no error message but the order are not oppened. Anyone can help me?


  • Can you paste the content of the calls you are making?

  • Hi Michael, here is my code:


    "basis": "payout",
    "contract_type": "PUT",
    "currency": "USD",
    "duration": 60,
    "duration_unit": "s",
    "symbol": "frxUSDJPY"

  • So proposal will just give you the current price of that contract it won't open an order. You need to use the buy call with the buy call you can either use the contract id returned from the proposal or supply all the attributes.
    I hope that helps

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