From demo to real acc ??


So I was wondering is there a command that would allow my bot to switch between Demo and Real acc.


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    Hey NOT_a_reCaptcha,

    We currently don't offer this functionality, although we'd be interested to hear how you could use this if we did allow you to switch during run?


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    Thanks for the answer, as to how would I use it it's something like this

    I have this bot i build few months ago and the results it gives aren't bad at all, but they are far from good enough. So what I want to do is to stack chances of wining in my favor by letting the bot trad on demo and wait till it reaches something like 5 or 6 losses in a row and then switch to real acc and trade, after it profits from trading it has made on real acc it should switch back to demo and repeat the process.

  • @Aaron May I ask if there is any progress on switch I was asking about ? I know that most likely it's not even been begin with, but still would like to know if there are any news :hushed: .

  • Hey @NOT_a_reCaptcha,

    We've discussed this internally but we will most likely not implement such a feature. An alternative way to tackle this problem is to create some logic that simulates a purchase and tracks whether it was a winning contract or not. Based on that you could then decide to purchase the real money contract or not.


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