Martingale Strategy

I downloaded the martingale strategy from binary shop but it executes calls or puts. What I want it to do is after a trade is up I want it to switch regardless of a loss or a win. So for example I want the bot to take a call option then after 1 min take a put option and back and forth is that possible if so can someone help me do that.


  • Let me just stop you right there ... Look I'll send you my 2 year research on Martingale strategy and put/call strategy ... but to sum it up ... it's pointless ... I have made it so that with 5500 dollars it can make up to 14 losses in a row ... man trust me it's a waste of time. If you want to go on ... Please do, but DO NOT INVEST real money on it ... instead invest time in testing ... I had my bot (not on this platform) run for 22 days and it failed ... I wasn't as smart in start and lose about 500 dollars ... but that was a long time a go ... so if you want experience, sure ... hit that crap and you will get some that you will not forget any time soon ... just, let me say it one more time... DON"T invest real money ... Btw my offer about some inf and research I have is still on ... but i del. most of it.

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