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Hello there,

I am a student and I've been making scripts and bots for some time now, but most of them I can't afford because I am still just a student and whatever I earn from part time jobs is usually already planned to be spent on something. So that's the reason I am now trying to sell this bot I made.

To be fair to anyone who is interested in buying it, I will send them an excel file of all trades that this bot of mine will make in 3 days from the day that they ask me to send it to them, also a screen shot from the website. (I have one right now that I can send)

I'll be selling this bot for 50 dollars or 0,0068 Bitcoin (50 dollars worth).

Although the bot itself will require 500 Dollars, you can certainly try with something lower, such as 350 Dollars but I would not recommend it.

As for how much can this bot earn, well it's pretty regular at 85 to 90 Dollars per day. So I would estimate that you would get your money back in 6 days.

I will be answering any Q's down in comments, and if anyone needs it ... here's my e-mail: [email protected]

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