Digits Over 1 & Under 8 Bot for BOT Binary.com

Here I will show you this (Digits) Over & Under bot. This bot is to be used in Binary.com BOT

This Over 1 & Under 8 bot is amazing!! You can configure it in many ways. It has the following features:
1. You can choose 2 strategies: over 1, or under 8.
2. You can increase the accuracy by selecting the # of times the last digits (last ticks) are repeated, before opening the trades. For example: before opening over 1, 0/1 need to be repeated 4 times (last ticks); before opening under 8, 8/9 need to be repeated 5 times (last ticks). The bigger the accuracy the longer the waiting time.
3. You can choose up to 5 types of money management: plain (no martingale), simple martingale, and 3 types of split martingale, to reduce the risk.

I sell this bot for 30 USD.
If you would like a copy of this bot, please message me.

See the video here:


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