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Hi everyone, I have a small PWA which keeps track of my appid markup profits. It stopped working last month, and using the dev playground I can see that the method is deprecated. I really need to be able to keep a track of trades and markups on my platforms. Could someone help me with how to get this information now? I've tried the github repos but not had any answers.


Please see the screenshot of chrome devtools from the app playground:

I am currently parsing the JSON via send raw to get a response. Could you let me know how I can get this information now?

 devParameters = {
        "app_markup_details": 1,
        "description": 1,
        "date_from": date_from,
        "date_to": date_to,
        "app_id": devAppID,
        "limit": 1000,
        "offset": offset,

        "sort_fields": [
        "sort": "ASC",
        "req_id": 3,
        "passthrough": {}

    api.authorize(devToken).then(function resolve(resp) {
        api.sendRaw(devParameters).then(function (response) {
        // some code here used to display the data
    }).catch // blah blah

I then just run this on a loop with the offset to gather all trades.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    lol - How bizaare!! I have just done some more tests and it is now working again, was this down for a while?

    Anyone who has an AppId and is currently using the developer playground to keep track of the their markup profits, please feel free to use my app, you can install as a PWA on any smartphone and keep track of your payouts :)

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