Collection of License-Free Bots

Guys, please take a look at my collection of free bots here:

I am here to suggest trying the Ichimoku strategy bot here (installer).

Just install it, run it 'as administrator', add your token API and enjoy.
It will wwork on Volatilies but following we have settings for currency pairs as well.

You can load the followwing settings and try the best that suit your needs:

Volatilites 1 Min:

Volatilities 5 Min:

Currency (frequent trades -> more risk ... more potential profit):

Currency (only a few trades per day -> more filters, less risky but less trades, 5-10 per day on average):

To load the settings just open the bot, push the "Load Setup" button and select the relevant file.
Then just push "Start" and "good luck"!

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