Digit Differ Bot

For the lovers of Digit Differ trades, we are grad to announce the release of the Wisy Digit Differ bot.
The unique feature of this bot is that it shows you all in clear!
You can configure it to meet your balance availability and risk propension. The Odds to win are calculated for you!
The higher the target profit, the lower the odds to win and vice-versa.
Stop trading blind with Wisy Digit Differ Bot!

Installer here:


Once installed double click on the DigitDiffer shortcut in your desktop, put your token API on top left, configure the initial amount and desired profit, check the odds to win, the suggested balance and estimated execution time and push start!

Check the bot in action here (with a few instructions):


If you wanna be free to set your Martingale settings you can check this variant (installer):



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