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Hi guys, I hope someone of binary developers are here and reading it. I am start to use binary API and I am wondered with this stupid logic OR mb a don't understand something? My situation: connect to binary and sent 5 same contracts in one second, don't receive response from binary and want to get in order to bind the sent data and the result, but I can't do it because statement information don't have any custom field and i have 5 contracts and can't identify them. What can i do to do it? Is there some way to set custom field? And why statement response has "app_id" and don't has "req_id"? Asking about "req_id" because it can help me in my situation.


  • Hi @angryDev ,
    For each buy request, you'll receive a response containing contract_id and transaction_id of the purchased contract. (
    The same fields are present in response of statement, which you can use to identify each contract.

    The purpose of req_id is only to give developer the ability to find out each particular WebSocket response belongs to which request.

    Hope this could be helpful.
    Please don't hesitate to let us know if there are any other questions.


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