Problem/Missing part with adding HIGHER/LOWER barrier + and -

I have tested many bots and with RSI bots I have found a way to make it work in longer term with a costumized conditions but there is a problem when it comes to add part of PURCHASE HIGHER OR LOWER, any idea or any help how to fix this problem cause for RISE FALL is easy but when I make it for example indicies 100 higher +1 and lower -1 in RSI indicator over 70% Higher +1 and under 30% Lower -1 I can't add both conditions as in RISE/FALL so I want to implement the same strategy with RSI in RISE/FALL but instead of this to make HIGHER +1 and LOWER -1.When I try to add the barrier +1 it accepts just one for HIGHER or just lower :/
Any help with this would be great appreciated here is my contact [email protected] I tested this strategy in many levels and it was profitable in long term I mean activating the bot and letting it work 10 hours per day it goes around 55% without martingale but with those elements Higher / Lower +1 an -1 it became more easy to add/implement martingale costumised to make it work and profitable during a day week or a month.
Thank you in advance [email protected] ( I am able to give different bots to try to test strategies and all for free cause I am not here to sell or buy bots I am a trader and I test strategies in forex but here in binary com is interesting to play with private indicies).pls

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