Websocket Applications

I have build 3 application that work with the binary.com websocket.

MT4 Panel:
Can place traids from MT4, it will then subscribe to the order to get the correct barrier and the outcome (win or lose alert).
The WebSocket Client can be used to write a custom api message in mql4.

ATA Copier:
Is a account to account trade copier, works with simple higher or lower options (will ignore barriar offsets).

File Signal Filter:
I use the write file funktin in mql4 to get signals from different indicators and the File Signal Filter to detect these files.
The File Signal Filter will delete the file and activcate the strategy trigger for the defined timeframe.
When all defined strategy triggers are active it will send a buy oder.

maybe the software can be useful to someone, demonstration videos and the 3 applications can be found here:


  • Hi @jeff12
    Thanks for sharing.
    I have some questions:
    ATA copier works for copy trades from where? Or who? What is the goal of that?
    On filter application, what is the content of sample text files?

  • hi gabms

    the goal is to copy traids from another traider but with individual money managment.

    the sample text files are empty, it just looks for the filenames (will deleete the files without reading the content).

  • @jeff12
    Have you tried Binary's Trade Copier? Here is a screenshot.

  • @Arnab
    have not tried it, i don't trade fx binarys anymore

  • I added Chart Tick Trader for randoms, its a simple application for manuel tick trading and options with a short expiry time.

    all the applications can be found here:

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