Digit Match returns error if payout is less than 4

This happens if payout is less than 4.

Price Proposal:
{ "subscribe":1, "proposal":1, "symbol":"R_100", "contract_type":"DIGITMATCH", "duration":5, "basis":"payout", "currency":"USD", "amount":2, "duration_unit":"t", "barrier":"9" }

{ "echo_req": { "symbol": "R_100", "barrier": "2", "subscribe": 1, "duration": 5, "currency": "USD", "amount": 3, "proposal": 1, "duration_unit": "t", "basis": "payout", "contract_type": "DIGITMATCH" }, "error": { "message": "Stake must be between 0.35 and 100,000.", "code": "ContractBuyValidationError" }, "msg_type": "proposal" }


  • Any update?

  • These are DIGITMATCH contract, where the payout is around 10 times the stake. Hence payout has to be a minimum of 4 to cross the minimum stake limit of 0.35.

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