Error Message Type Buy

today i got this error how i can fix it if is it possible?

27/11/2017 00.58.13 Message Received: {"echo_req":{"amount":20,"basis":"stake","contract_type":"PUT","currency":"USD","duration":5,"duration_unit":"m","proposal":1,"subscribe":1,"symbol":"frxEURCHF"},"msg_type":"proposal","passthrough":null,"proposal":{"ask_price":"20.00","date_start":"1511744440","display_value":"20.00","id":"a47dc23e-23cc-868e-fd40-7316f3958321","longcode":"Win payout if EUR\/CHF is strictly lower than entry spot at 5 minutes after contract start time.","payout":"33.96","spot":"1.16876","spot_time":"1511744440"}}
27/11/2017 00.58.14 Message Received: {"echo_req":{"buy":"a47dc23e-23cc-868e-fd40-7316f3958321","price":1000},"error":{"code":"WrongResponse","message":"Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request."},"msg_type":"buy"}



  • If the stake was bad, the error message would be something like this.

      "echo_req": {
        "buy": "1",
        "parameters": {
          "amount": "1802.81",
          "app_markup_percentage": "0",
          "basis": "payout",
          "contract_type": "CALL",
          "currency": "USD",
          "duration": 60,
          "duration_unit": "s",
          "symbol": "frxGBPAUD"
        "price": "919.80"
      "error": {
        "code": "PriceMoved",
        "message": "The underlying market has moved too much since you priced the contract. The contract price has changed from USD919.80 to USD954.72."
      "msg_type": "buy",
      "passthrough": {
        "description": "buy",
        "identifier": "",
        "request_time": -8.58700612074283E+18,
        "validity": 5

    Binary's servers are pretty good at returning understandable error messages.
    WrongResponse means that when processing the request, the server encountered a rare kind of problem that it doesn't know how to describe.

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