Compounding Bot?

Is there anyway to program a Compounding Bot?

I have built a few bots within the Binary platform and saved as XML file but not sure if you can build a Compounding one?

For example :

Set inital amount to $5

change the initial trade amount each trade by x1.6? for each new trade? regardless of win or loss, or maybe only on a win?
So the opposite of the martingale, when a loss, but double up a win on the first trade?


Trade 1 = $5.00 Win
Trade 2 = $11.50 Win
Trade 3 = $26.45 loss
Trade 4 = $60.83 Win


  • Or I probably should leave the losses at the same figure so :

    Trade 1 = $5.00 Win
    Trade 2 = $11.50 Win
    Trade 3 = $26.45 loss **
    Trade 4 = $26.45 Win **
    Trade 5 = = $60.83 Win

  • Hello there ,
    i searching for the same thing and placed an post on today . Did anybody reply to you i am sure its possible :wink:

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