Possible error codes

I can't find any documentation concerning the error codes that the API could return.

While I can develop my app using the API and handle any error codes that pop up in testing, I would very much like to have the exhaustive list of possible error codes for each API call.

Is that possible?

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    Ok. So I shall just tell my client. "This app may encounter problems that it won't know how to solve because Binary.com won't provide me with a complete list of error codes, so I can't code for all eventualities."


  • just put console.log
    binary's api clear enaough on error information

  • That would let me collect the error messages as my program encounters them. BUT if my program receives a new error that I have never seen before then it wont know what to do.

    I want to have the complete list of all possible errors so that I can write my program so that it can deal with all possible errors that may come up.

  • so far every console.log on error message is sufficient for taking any necessary logic action.. btw im using javascript

  • Suppose for an instant that you are programming an app for a client. How could you assure your client that the app will function correctly in all situations if you don't know what error messages the app could receive in the future?

    Sure I could use console.log or whatever to record the error messages that the app receives during testing, but that is not enough.

  • believe me, so far.. using console.log sufficient enough

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