Copy Trade Apps or programs?

Hi, what it required to make a copy trade apps or bots.
Here is my requirement, I want a platform where I can allow my referrals to copy my trades.
In such case, I will provide a unique key which will be associated with referrals attached account. So that no one can cheats. The only ref can use it.
How to do that, which programming language I required to apply, does it required vps?
Even if it happens with mt4 to with my unique key then it will also be okay, As I code in mql4 or mql5.

Any experts guidance?
Thank you in advance


  • Hi Sir,

    We have a ready made copy trade application. It is called BinaryComTradeReplicator.
    It does not strictly require a VPS even if it is adviseable. We do offer hosting to let you concentrate on trading and us on tech things.
    It does not require your customers to have a VPS or stay online.
    It does not require any programming skills. All easy configurable.
    Many Money management settings.
    It copies all types of trades.

    Take a look here:

    It is sold in roughtly 100 copies.
    We sell it privately or through the shop:

    Moreover we have what is called MT4 to bridge to automate MT4 into
    Basically with a few lines of code in MQL you can automate at your BO EAs.
    It can work as a copier from any MT4 supported BO Broker like GDMFX to
    It also works as an alerts spyer to automate at EAs with alerts only.

    Contact me @: [email protected]
    or via skype @: bernocchialfa



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