Limit on price proposal requests (v3)


I noticed that APIv3 doesn't allow for the announced amount of price proposal requests per minute. Please see the attached debug log file for an illustration of this (personal information was removed). In this case, the server only responded with data for the first 6 requets sent, but the requests-per-minute limit according to the website_status request should be higher.

Also, which limit should apply for the proposal requests: max_requests_pricing, max_requests_outcome or both?

Last question: Do you send the replies in a random order or is that a problem of my websocket library?


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    For proposal there are two limits,
    max_requests_pricing: Max number of request you can send per minute/hour.

    There is also another restriction imposed if you are subscribing to pricing stream that is max_proposal_subscription.
    max_proposal_subscription is lower than max_requests_pricing.

    At the moment max_proposal_subscription is 5. We might adjust it in future.

    You can get the limits by a website_status call.

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