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Hello , i would like to know what is the correct json format to perform a trade

i need to know which api to call to perform the trade

what we have so far is a assetlist call that returns the minor pairs, and then we do a call with that pair but the trade does not perform

this is the json we send to the api


the api output look like

could you be kind to say what are the missing parameter for perform a trade ?

or could you provide a full sample of your data when you perform a trade ?

i will share some signals to people that help

thanks you very much


  • ok i answer to my own question , it might help others..

    step 1

    the output give

    "echo_req": {
    "amount": 1,
    "basis": "stake",
    "contract_type": "PUT",
    "currency": "USD",
    "duration": 2,
    "duration_unit": "m",
    "proposal": 1,
    "subscribe": 1,
    "symbol": "frxAUDCAD"
    "msg_type": "proposal",
    "proposal": {
    "ask_price": "1",
    "date_start": "1492435862",
    "display_value": "1",
    "id": "6c1374f9-9a60-a24e-f1a8-7cd053f09456",
    "longcode": "Win payout if AUD/CAD is strictly lower than entry spot at 2 minutes after contract start time.",
    "payout": "1.87",
    "spot": "1.00897",
    "spot_time": "1492435862"

    then you just need to use the ID , but i dont get what the price mean here since its already set to 1 (amount parameter)

    "buy": "6c1374f9-9a60-a24e-f1a8-7cd053f09456",
    "price": 100

  • Price that you need to pass that is price at which you want to buy. For example you send proposal call and it returns price as 1 but you didn't send buy request now price changed while proposal is streaming to 0.98 so you need to send this price

  • thx you Raunak , i will check about that :)

  • what does raunak mean?
    i dont i understand, can you help

  • @kangdarul said:
    what does raunak mean?
    i dont i understand, can you help

    raunak or anyone please explain more?

  • @Raunak Kindly respond to the comment made above
    @pierredemarque Please how can I know the possible values for the parameters (e.g. contract_type, symbol, etc.) because the documentation is not explanatory. For example, the documentation said "contract_type (string) A valid contract-type" without examples/list of "valid" values


  • @jimmytee how do I pin this your wonderfully superb response to the top of the Best of the Best? :)

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  • @jimmytee
    hello, please can you tell me, where to find this documentation you spoke of???

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    @be_Basti I think he was referring to our developer page

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