Doubt about Bollinger Bands

Dears, please,could you help me?

I have a bot with Bollinger Bands, bur something is nothing working as should be.

The lower band compared to MetaTrader4 graphs, should be arroud 1.4190, bur the value read from Binary Bot is 1.42 (rounded value only to 2 decimal numbers);
The price for the active was 1.4199, higher than real BB lower value (1.4190), but the is considering that it is lower, the BB returned value is 1.42.
That is why my strategy is not working.

Do you now how to solve it? How to ge the BB results with more decimal numbers, instead of this rounded value?

Best Regards,

Paulo Rocha


  • For best understanding for what is happening with my question above:

    The values from Metatrader:
    Price = 1.4197 -> price value near the central BB line
    BB upper = 1.4210
    BB Lower = 1.4185

    The values from Binary Bot:
    Price 1.4197
    BB upper = 1.42 (The Bollinger Band returns round value only. It is rouded down in this case)
    BB lower = 1.42 (It rounded up)
    The bot considered that the price was below the BB lower , what is not true.

    I will really appreciate if anyone can help me.


    Paulo Rocha

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