martingale strategy from store but different multiplication

Hello i like the basis of the martingale that is built in but i want to change the ammount. I dont simply want it to doble the stake! Anyone want to work with me and help me create this. I simply want a working copy free of charge you can sell the bot as your own later but i want no charge in any updates we make to it and i dont want to pay anything up fron. This is a proven stratergy over 7 minute stakes. If anyone is able to tweak this let me know.


  • Hi iaak, I can help you for sure. I have done a lot of jobs for But in real world it is difficult to get something free of charge, with free updates. Everything has a price even if low as in my case.

    In case you change me at [email protected]

  • Allesandro, your bot lost entire deposit, and do not offer traders for the money to buy it, it does not cost a cent

  • @ekozhin. Your answer is really superficial.

    This bot is implementing the RSI strategy which is documented in litterature all over the world. If you have lost all balance it means that you have set the wrong parameters in the wrong market conditions. So you have to blame yourself first.

    If somebody promises you something always winning with a mouse click he is scamming you.
    If such a system exists the inventor will keep it for himself otherwise it will break the entire market.

    I was thinking nobody would be so stupid to believe that...probably I am wrong.

    Last but no least, I am offering developing services and I warn everybodsy that a winning system requires proper parameters tuning.

    My job is successful if it properly implements what the trader commissioning me the job is doing. I do not want to enter in the profitability of the strategy. It is not up to me.
    I posted my bots to show the user experience of my works and you have just demonstrated it is good since the bot worked.

    If you have a really profitable bot just post it to me. I will pay for it. But you do not have indeed.
    Look at your skills before putting bad words on others.

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