Breaking Error: Invalid OHLC Data for Random Markets below 1 minute

edited February 2016 in General

Like the title says. When subscribing to OHLC data for Random Markets below 60 seconds, invalid data ("open", "high", "low" and "close") is returned. I confirmed this in the API Playground as well:

  "echo_req": {
    "granularity": "15",
    "count": "40",
    "ticks_history": "R_25",
    "subscribe": "1",
    "style": "candles",
    "end": "latest"
  "ohlc": {
    "granularity": 15,
    "symbol": "R_25",
    "epoch": 1452944544,
    "open_time": 1452944535,
    "open": "R_25",
    "high": "15.000",
    "close": {},
    "low": {},
    "id": "6C03293A-BC3E-11E5-952C-0CC163F6FCF3"
  "msg_type": "ohlc"

Please fix this.


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