Terms and Condition about using BOT ?

Hello guys,
I am worried about what binary.com says related to using BOT . On the bottom of the web page you can read : " Binary.com is not affiliated with any of the third party applications listed in this shop. Each application is developed by an independent third party and is not endorsed, guaranteed, or approved by Binary.com. "


What does it mean exactly, that one day binary.com can say it is not legit to use such automatic application ?
I LOVE binary.com and they are the best broker around, with the best payout and with a friendly platform.


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    Hi @trader

    Thanks for your support and for highlighting your concerns.

    We just want you to now that Binary.com empowers affiliates, API Developers, etc. to build their application with our Open source code or WS API. However, we are not allowed to endorse any specific strategies or applications made by individuals, affiliates, developers, etc.

    The terms and condition does not mean that it is not legit to use automated application to trade with binary.com in the future -- not at all.

    What it basically imply is: we leave it in the client's good judgement and freedom to select the right strategies, applications, etc. for their trading activities without Binary.com intervention.


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