Automated trading from MT5 E.A to servers

Hi everyone.
I guess some of you may be interested in this topic, hopefully.
I got a problem and you may help solve it.
How automate my trading from mt5 expert advisor to servers ?
There is certainly a page at that gets url-encoded Web-request (user, passwd, amount, duration, symbol, call/put) & web request exists in mql5 langage.
Does anyone knows something about that ?
Many thanks, guys.


  • Yes, you can use API and integrate your own application with it. I created a MT4 <-> gateway for my own use so I assume it is easy to do the same for MT5.

  • Hi Gelson.
    I tried to attach a file.mq5 but it seems it's not allowed ?? ( & I'm not that great programmer , & by the way french, 59 old, from Paris, association founder )
    string signal = "id_ea=1&symbol=" + _Symbol + "&operation=SELL&value=" + (string) + "&";
    The thing is : which page to call at to send the data. You certainly know if u're moderator .
    And it's not an app I need located in a web page of my own, altough it may be the solution.

  • provides a WebSockets API which you can talk to from your own application. It is not as simple as attaching a file and send it; you need to develop an app to talk to it. There are example code at this site, but you really need a developer to turn that into something usefull.

    I´m not a moderator. I´m just a (really bad) developer working at my own application that allows me to send orders from MetaTrader4 to :-) Never tried integrating MT5, tho.

  • Hi Gelson.
    OK I got it.
    I am another really bad programmer who surprisingly enough comes with a working mt5 e.a simulating binary options. Please tell me if I am wrong : a personnal app on a personnal website sends orders to, in order for followers to copy trades, right ? Kind of like did, before becomming inaccessible.
    So if you want to share your app with me, I am interested. Just tell me your conditions. Thanks.

  • Please contact me at [email protected]

  • please have sen> @Gelson said:

    Please contact me at [email protected]

    please have sent you a mail for a potential ea development with the mail Title "About Mt4 to" on 16/02/2017

  • Hi guys, maybe it is not the correct thread but i want to inform that I have a solution for trading inside MT4.
    Anyone interested contact me at: [email protected]

    Thank you,


  • Alessandro, why are you deceiving people? You do not have a code to trade from MT4 directly, you offer your bridge. Different bridges are now a dime a dozen. I'd like to find a solution to work directly using the code MT4 (MT5)

  • Alexey, the only way to interact with is through Websockets, however neither mql4 nor mql5 are currently compatible with websocks, so you will not be able to trade directly as you want. You do need a bridge. BTW, my bridge is compatible with both MT4 and MT5, so fell free to check on that:

    I can also code your EA/Indicator/Custom Strategies and/or help in any related matter. Feel free to contact me if interested. My contact email is at the above page.

  • Alexey, you can check my bridge for for MT4 and MT5. It is sold in the shop so it is very reputable cause it is approved by ( Moreover we have a special feature others do not have: our bridge is capable to capture Alert Text, decode and place the trade all automatically.

    Contact me via telegram: @WisyB
    Or mail: [email protected]

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