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  • Re: Execution price was far away from market price !?

    Short-term CALLs and PUTs don't let you fix the entry price. I believe you can fix the entry price by specifying a barrier for some longer-term contracts.

  • Re: Allow Copy Trading

    If I write my own trade duplicator, I can get commissions on all trades that it duplicates, but the duplicated trades will often have an execution delay of 1 second. I therefore have two questions...

    1. Does binary's trade copying work instantaneously? In other words, does the copy receive its entry spot at the same tick as the original trade?

    2. Are you planning to add the possibility to receive commissions on copied trades?

  • Re: vitual account low

    Do I really need to spell it out?

    1. Trade so as to loose money until your balance is under 1000.
    2. Log on to binary.com
    3. Navigate to the Cashier page
    4. Click on the button that says "Get USD 10,000.00"
  • Re: Are the OP Digits really Random?

    Quickness has little to do with it. There is only ever one price given per second, so you always have nearly a whole second to launch your trade.

    I don't know the binary.com's bot system, I could code one using the API, but so could many others.

    In any case, the digits on the volatility indices are certainly random even if short term statistics don't seem to support that hypothesis. Digits on other markets might conceivably be less random, but I can't see how one might predict them.

    I can't see how to reliably extract gains from digits over the long term.