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  • ReiniH

    i am not familiar with the binary API if it provides this functions. so the programming has to be like this:
    1. check if new bet in binary
    2. open corresponding trade in forex mt4
    3. check if bet closed
    4. close the trade in mt4 too

    maybe the API of binary can be accessed by expert advisor in mt4 - this is beyond my mt4 skill - then it would be easy

    December 2017
  • ReiniH

    the answer to all your questions is no - there is no particular indicator, no particular trading strategy or complicated methods. I know how to program my own expert advisor, i can work with indicators and can develop indicators by myself. so it is nit the mt4 part what nlockjs me from realizing this. what i need is quite simple - but probably unpossible. i need to copy the trades in my binary account to forex account. the trades are already there - i follow a very good trader. and 70% of the trades would give a remarkable profit in forex too. the strategy of this guy is very good - but he works only in binaries. he doesnt offer any option to copy the trades to forex account.

    again what must be done (if possible) we need to copy the trade from binary account to forex - the moment a bet in binary is placed this should be exaktly copied to the forex account - currency pair, trade direction. after trade is concluded the trade in forex should be closed too.

    December 2017
  • you can whatsapp me on +6281333906848 for direct message

    December 2017
  • my questions:

    • is there any particular indicator to use?
    • is indicator custom or ussual?
    • for trading management such as martingale, stop loss, stop profit etc is easy part.. as long as indicator formula is solved
    December 2017
  • ReiniH

    let make it exaktly clear - i want to copy the trades in my binary account to similar trades iin my ecn forex account. sure adapted to forex with a profit target, stoploss set and an automatic close after the time of the option expires too

    December 2017
  • ReiniH

    hello sir,
    here what exaktly i need: i follow a very good strategy from a russian trader in my binary account. he has more then 70% wins. indeed his strategy works very well and seems to be very good. but as usual i am not so happy with binaries. usually i am trading in forex. after analizing the trades from Denis (the trader i follow) i have seen, that the average profit his trades is about 50-60 points. infact a perfect situation for a scalping strategy in forex. we have a spread of 0-4 points in our major currencies in ECN accounts plus an additional commission of 5 points - total we have a spread of 7-10 points - far less then the average profit in the trades. now the idea would be, to copy the trades in my account to forex with same conditions - close after the same period and/or close by a profit target or stop loss. is this possible direct from my personal binary account after the trades are opened? or must it be from the signal provider?

    December 2017