Setting start time for 1 minute trades in advance possible?

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I am currently building am Expert Advisor for Metatrader 4.

Because there is no direct execution from Metatrader 4 to, we need a bridge which is opening contracts, in my case 60 seccond ones (Call or Put).

The problem is that I want to open a trade exactly at :00 of the next starting minute, but right now there is a delay sometimes from 2-5 seconds before it is executed on

Now my idea was this:
My expert adbisor gets a signal and then I open the trade on the start of the next candle.

Is it possible that once I got a signal from my expert advisor that I already execute a command in this case: open trade at :00 of next starting minute.

This way would have already recived the command before the start of the next minute and once it actually is :00 the trade would be executed.

I hope it is understandable what I want to say.

I hope someone here can help me with this.



  • Hi Sir, policy is to enter a trade at next tick from the request.
    So you should develop a piece of software strictly monitoring the clock and 2 sec. before :00 send the trade. You do not have the guarantee to exactly enter at :00 but most of the times you will.

    I have done a lot of integrations for and If you like this Idea I can develop for you a bridge for MT4 doing this.
    Also I actually have a ready made MT4 to plugin.

    If you are (or anybody else is) interested contact me at:

    [email protected]



  • this is similar to something i've been looking for a way to do using the bot. I'd like my bot to automatically start at a specific time. is there a way to do this? thanks in advance

  • You need to check the time with the binary server

    API: Server time
    "time": 1

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