C# with Websocket4Net

I'm using Visual Studio 2017 to build software for Binary.com
Can any one show me sample code for Websocket4net
Like Trade function , authorize ()



  • I need some samples codes c# like
    1.When I click login button a function connect to binary.com using given api token and return balance in a label box in a form , ( sample codes here https://developers.binary.com/demos/ ) ,
    2. Display a ticks streams in a box
    3. when I click buy button a buy trade will execute in binary.com and result should display in a label all samples in (https://developers.binary.com/api/#transaction)
    4. Need use websocket4net package its uses to make socket open until we close (https://binary.vanillacommunity.com/discussion/108/c-trading-example)
    I can build a using the sample codes of the above request

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    @ssoftware said:
    Finally found sample and solved

    @ssoftware please, can you help me based on your solution? My problem is that I can't do a call API of Authorize and call other API (create a contract, show portfolio, etc.) on the same Windows Form project. I don´t know why.

    Thank you

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