Proposal Open Contract - Many GetProposalFailure

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As of this morning I have been seeing many "GetProposalFailure" errors with the message "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request." whenever I make a call to "proposal_open_contract".

{"echo_req":{"contract_id":"55610027428","proposal_open_contract":1,"req_id":1494735540,"subscribe":1},"error":{"code":"GetProposalFailure","message":"Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request."},"msg_type":"proposal_open_contract","proposal_open_contract":{},"req_id":1494735540}

This rarely occurred before today.

Any thoughts why this is happening so frequently?
Thank you.


  • Hi Sorry for the late response, is this still happening?

  • Hello.
    On the following day it had stopped.
    However, every once in a while it happens and now not only in Price Proposal, but also Buy Contract, same error message but different error codes.

  • OK thank you we will investigate

  • Hi.
    Since September 2nd I haven't seen any more occurrences of this issue.
    I will keep you updated.

  • Thanks, did you get some yesterday? We are aware of an issue that might be causing this and hope to resolve it today.

  • edited September 5

    Yesterday, 3rd of September, I didn't experienced this issue.
    But it should be noted that I might have missed these occurrences, since I only used the API for about 7-9 hours total with intervals in between.

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