How to Map fields from binary Api

We are currently working on an application which will make use of API to fetch the data and same we will display on our page.

We follow the instructions given in URL ( to get all the required information. We generated app_id by registering the API Token.
Currently, we are using Javascript code with app_id 11299 from URL( to get the data.
But we weren't able to map all the fields in our form with the fields of API and at this point, we need your guidance.

we are using this fields . We were able to map "Trade Symbol" from our form with the field "ticks" from API parameters. But we need to map some more fields from our form to the API parameters such as Duration Unit, Amount, Multiplier, Max Loss, Max Trades etc... we also tried "trading_times" from API parameters. We also did a clone from but it didn't solve our problem and it is working as But our main concern is to map form fields to the fields of API. We also check example XML files.

We also notice that it is not possible to pass multiple parameters in one call. i.e for ticks and trading_times I need to call ws.send(JSON.stringify({trading_times:"2015-09-14"}));
and ws.send(JSON.stringify({ticks:tick})); seperately I can't pass ws.send(JSON.stringify({ticks:tick, trading_times:"2015-09-14" }));
You can see implemented code on

Is there any PHP API available for this? I tried PHP code from code examples but it threw the error for me and didn't work.


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