Hi guys, I need your help please. I just started trading the even and odd volatility 100 index on binary.com.
I want to know if i can safely predict the outcome i.e if its gonna be odd or even. Some told to watch some numbers at the top of the chart, i cant remember and also when is the best time to trade it. Please can anyone help a girl out, would really appreciate a positive response.


  • I am also looking at Even Odd and the same questions!
    I have been told there is a pattern to the digits but i can't see anything? There are plenty of videos on Youtube of people working out the sequence with odd/even, digit matches etc.
    I am hoping there is a way to do this :)

  • Hey! I've been looking into even odd too and i think i've made some significant progress to be honest... just a few things i'm looking to understand and adjust the strategy accordingly. hit me up if you wanna talk about it

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