API calls from C#

I want to create a Windows Form application (Windows Desktop application) for send trading orders and get Volatility signals, but I have a few questions:

1: I can´t find the URL for API calls on https://developers.binary.com/api/ (official API documentation). I can run some tests on these webpage and works fine, but I dont know what is the URL for use on my code. Where I can find the URL for call API methods?
2: Maybe, I need to register my application, but the application registration form ask for a Redirect URL. My application is a desktop application and not a Web application. What Redirect URL must use for it?
3: I have a authorization token. However, Binary.com API shows methods that can be run without authorization, like ticks history and others. How can run these API methods from my desktop application?

Can you help me, please?



    1. The URL is:


    Please see https://developers.binary.com/websockets/ for more details, and there is some example code on https://developers.binary.com/demos/ which may help.

    1. The redirect URL can be set to a default value such as https://www.binary.com if you are handling the OAuth process outside the browser.

    2. The unauthorised methods work the same way as any others - the difference is that you don't need to call authorize first.

    Hope that helps!

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