Are the OP Digits really Random?

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Just looking into the Digits for Differs, odd even on the Volatility etc and see all the strategies etc on Youtube that want you to pay for the 'secret'.

I only ask to see if its possible to program a bot to say fire a trade on the last digits? ie : XXXX.YY and get the binary bot fires a trade on the XY
ie even digit.even digit ?

I have some experience of bots but just dont know where to look to set this sort of thing up?

The bot would obviously be quicker than a human taking those digit trades.

Do you know where i should look on the bot builder to do something like this?



  • Quickness has little to do with it. There is only ever one price given per second, so you always have nearly a whole second to launch your trade.

    I don't know the's bot system, I could code one using the API, but so could many others.

    In any case, the digits on the volatility indices are certainly random even if short term statistics don't seem to support that hypothesis. Digits on other markets might conceivably be less random, but I can't see how one might predict them.

    I can't see how to reliably extract gains from digits over the long term.

  • Thanks Jimmytee

    Its just the huge number of Youtube videos for Digit Match etc, all showing counting/and digit watching to correctly predict the Match outcome without any losses??

    Are these really true? If so is there a 'formula' to predicting that last Digit whether it be MATCH or just odd/even? Over/under?

  • If you could predict them, binary would have calculated the payouts to give them a slight advantage.

    For example, an over 4 option will win if the last digit is 5 or higher - which should happen half the time - but the payout it only 96.1%.

    If you keep betting $ 10 that the last digit will be over 4. Then half the time you win $ 9.61, and half the time you loose $ 10. So in the long run you can expect to loose on average $ 0.39 for every two bets you place.

    A better strategy would be to watch for price "momentum". When the price rises higher than during the last several candles, and pushes outside the upper bollinger band, then there is a very good chance that the next candle or two or three will push further up. With a little practice and some patience I can win >60% of those trades. Making a bot from that observation would be rather difficult because codifying this observational skill is remarkably difficult.

  • So are all the Digit Match videos on youtube and strategies all fake?

    There seems to be many, so surprised if all are fake?

    I am more interested in your price 'momentum' strategy, do you do this on the Volatility indexes?

  • This 'momentum' strategy works on just about any asset, but when changing assets I need to practice a little to get the hang of the dynamics of the asset.

    It is similar to a breakout strategy. I wait for price to go higher than recent prices, and for the price jitters to suggest that a continued move is probable.

    I can't really describe it better than that.

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